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Blueberry Connection Tester  v.

The modern PC environment is extremely flexible. But this can sometimes create difficulties when writing software to run on a variety of PC configurations, or when attempting to diagnose problems remotely. Remote diagnosis is made even more difficult

Free Articles  v.1.0

15,000 Articles available for reselling, using for content, creating web sites, ebooks, free report, giveaways, and much more. Also get our unique article re-writing software. With the 15,000 articles and software, you have a huge library to

YWriter 5  v.

yWriter 5 comes as a simple yet effective novel writing software which can help you easily solve problems when creating a new software. Normally you break big problems (tasks) into little ones. Then you break those down into smaller and

MagicScore Note  v.7.125

MagicScore Note was developed to be a basic music notation and music writing software, offering the advanced capabilities for music schools, students. teachers and music lovers. for WindowsAll

ConcernWare  v.1.0

A Controlled Language Programming (CLP) compiler, runtime engine, and development IDE for writing software in a natural (but somewhat restricted) language that clearly represents the real world concerns and maps to a 3GL (Java/Groovy) for

Flash Imager  v.1.0.1

Windows disk image reading and writing software. This application is intended for use as a reader/writer for small flash drives. It is compatible with raw and gzipped disk images, including those used by

JapText  v.1.0

JapText is a teaching and writing software for japanese language. It allow the user to write the text using latin caracteres while the program transform them in kanas.It can also "unite" the kanas making kanjis and pronounce what was written.

MiniNotes  v.2007 3.0

MiniNotes is a 10 page text editor to organize notes while you work at your desktop. It was originally designed as a software development tool, someplace where you could keep a multiple of text files organized while you work. But you can do more with

EzCheckPrinting - Check Write & Print  v.

ezCheckPrinting is a MICR check designing and printing software for any size business. It saves your money on checks. It prints business checks on blank computer check. It supports check layout editing and creates customized check. Free offer

SocketWrench Freeware Edition  v.3.6

SocketWrench 3.6 Freeware Edition is a general purpose WinSock custom control. Developers can create virtually any type of custom client or server application. TCP and UDP protocols are supported, as well as raw (IP) sockets under Windows NT.

Blueberry Connection Tester - Test Generator  v.

Blueberry Connection Tester - Test Generator is a utility for developers to collecting information from remote PCs of issues caused by software designed to operate PC configurations. The modern PC environment is extremely flexible and because

E-Sword  v.7.9.8

e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package. The fact that e-Sword is free is just one of the blessings and does not speak

ImpactEdge  v.3.2

ImpactEdge is a Business Intelligence & Analytics application that collates, analyses and presents information. It is created for the business user, as it is intuitive and easy to use. It provides a non-technical user interface and operates with

Portable HJSplit  v.2.4

An application that can split/join files, calculate their checksum and compare them

MC Burner  v.2.8.0

MC Burner is a backup tool developed with special focus on ease of use and power. It is able to burn CDs and DVDs with speed and accuracy offering plenty of options to configure the burning process according to your needs.

Floating Clock  v.3.1

Floating Clock PS is a freeware clock, calendar program designed to run on the top of your desktop. There are ten settings you can choose to run, from Long Date to Long Time and all the settings in between. This is a no-thrills, no-frills program,

WhiteBoard PS  v.4.0

This utility is designed to be your own personal White Board. Write on it, mark it up. Scrawl down your notes and important things to do so when youre sitting at your monitor you dont forget those things you got to do! Put it in your Startup folder

Autotoolset  v.0.11.4

Autotoolset is a collection of tools to simplify project development with autoconf/automake/libtool/texinfo/emacs.

DSynchronize Portable  v.2.30.1

DSynchronize is a stand-alone utility

Tab Writer  v.

Tab Writer is designed to easily write tablature for four, five, six, seven, eight, twelve string as well as custom instruments and tunings. You have the ability to save, edit, and print your tablature.

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